Farm-to-Table  Meal Prep Service

Jacked Panda Prep to Go
Jacked Panda Prep to Go

Jacked Panda Prep To Go is Sarasota/Bradenton’s only farm-to-table, boutique, reheat-to-eat meal prep service. Jacked Panda Prep to Go meals are fitness-inspired, hand-created, and calorie-counted.


How it Works:

Our Seasonal Weekly Menu is created, released, and delivered 2 days per week. We decide what to make based on what's available at local markets and what's in season.  Once you register you will receive an email when the menu goes live. 

Grab-n-Go at our Refuel Station:  Place your order before midnight the day before pick up. We are open Monday through Friday, from 8 am - 2 pm.  5920 Lakewood Ranch Blvd, Bradenton, FL 34211.

For Delivery to Your Door*: Receive free delivery to your door or office between 9 am - 1 pm.  Just provide us with your delivery details. If you are unable to be home to accept your delivery, please leave a cooler with ice outside, in a safe place for us to put your meals.

*If you order delivery make sure you are home or leave a cooler outside for drop-off.  **Delivery location MUST be within a 10-mile radius of the Sarasota-Bradenton Area.

The tastiest in high protein, clean cuisine

We use USDA Prime cuts of beef, fresh free range chicken, salmon, and a variety of healthy choices. What sets us apart is our ability to properly use cooking techniques and proper applications of heat to ensure a freshness and quality as if you ordered at a sit down restaurant, except we saved you a tip and gas money!

Meal Prep Delivery Service
Healthy Keto Meal Delivery

This Week's Menu

Delivery date 6/27

Chef Jeff shops the local markets, buying only local products and the menus are created based on availability and what is currently in season. He buys only the freshest local produce, herbs and proteins.

Or just stop by and pick up at our Jacked Panda Refuel Station 

Mon. - Thurs., from 8 am - 2 pm

Or have it delivered to your porch on Mondays or Thursdays!

Please feel free to reach out to us personally if you have other accommodations that we may help you with.  We deliver to medical centers, police departments, fire stations, offices, etc.

Please reach out via text or our chat feature with any questions regarding your orders.

Jacked Panda Bowls

A perfectly-portioned high protein meal. 900-1200 calories. 6-8 oz. protein, 1 cup of starch, 1 cup of vegetables.

Jacked Panda Almond Crusted Chicken Bowl

Oven roasted almond crusted chicken breast strips accompanied with whippped sweet potatoes and green beans, finished with a Jacked Panda raspberry chipolte sauce.

Jacked Panda Bistro Burger Bowl

5 oz 90/10 ground sirloin seasoned, seared, topped with provolone cheese,  farm-to-table fried egg, applewood smoked bacon,  avocado, blueberry demi glaze,  served with roasted parmesan truffle red bliss potatoes, and green beans. 

Jacked Panda Chimichurri Flank Steak Burrito

Marinated Chimichurri grilled flank steak, 50/50 refuel rice, roasted corn, seasoned black beans, queso fresco, feathered Monterey Jack cheese, sweet potato medallions, wrapped in a low carb, low calorie tortilla, fresh avocado, finished with fresh herbs. 

Beach Body Bowls

A Leaner and Meaner version of our Jacked Panda Bowl. 400-700 calories and under, 4-6 oz. of protein, half cup of starch, half cup of vegetables.

Gluten Free Fiesta Lime Shrimp Bowl

Grilled Shrimp seasoned with bold spices and fresh lime juice, accompanied with 50/50 jasmine rice, corn, black beans, pickled vegetabels, onions, jalapeno, served on a gluten free tortilla. 

Jacked Panda Grilled Chicken Rosa Bowl

Rosemary lemon grilled chicken breast, served with penne pasta, accompanied with sauteed baby portabella mushrooms, sauteed onions,  applewood smoked bacon, fresh peas, finished with a heavy cream, parmesan rosa sauce and fresh herbs.  

Breakfast Bowls

Rise and grind breakfast.  No day can start until I fuel my body and mind with a balanced and nutritious meal. 

Jacked Panda Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich

 Over hard fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, American cheese served on a toasted English muffin. 

Jacked Panda Breakfast Favorite

My mastered, creamy, warm, and savory oatmeal.  Steel-cut oats slow-cooked and stirred to perfection.  Flavored with unsweetened coconut flakes, stevia brown sugar, and sugar-free whipped cream.  Accompanied with 1 cup scrambled egg and cheese.  

healthy food delivery

Why use us?

  • You don’t have to grocery shop.

  • We provide a healthier cleaner fuel source.

  • All of the meals are sugar and gluten-free.

  • We save you time, energy, and clean up.

  • Meals are fresh never frozen.

  • No more heavy bloating

  • Enjoy more sustained energy 

  • Enjoy a better and more appealing body composition

  • We can help you lower your body fat percentage if that’s your desire.

  • Meal prep allows for more frequent food consumption creating a metabolic effect increasing your metabolism and turning your body into a calorie-burning furnace.


Jacked Panda was created for the mom, the dad, the student-athlete, the pro athlete, the diabetic, the calorie counter, the foodie, the national physique athletes, the healthcare workers, police officers...We're here to serve anyone in the SRQ area who wants next-level freshness from the farm to your table. Enjoy the convenience of pre-prepped meals - all you do is reheat and eat. 

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