meal delivery


A perfectly-portioned, high-protein meal. 

900-1200 calories. 6-8 oz. protein, 1 cup of starch, 1 cup of vegetables.

Jacked Panda Buffalo Chicken Bowl

6 oz marinated grilled chicken breast strips, panko crusted, oven finished, gluten free buffalo sauce, accompanied with 50/50 loaded yukon gold mashed potatoes and fresh green beans.


Please place a message in the comments if you would like to exclude bacon in your potatoes. 

Jacked Panda Grilled Chicken Rosa Bowl

Rosemary lemon grilled chicken breast, served with penne pasta, accompanied with sauteed baby portabella mushrooms, sauteed onions,  applewood smoked bacon, fresh peas, finished with a heavy cream, parmesan rosa sauce and fresh herbs, finished with creamed parmesan spinach. 

Jacked Panda Slow and Low Pulled Pork BBQ Bowl

5 oz slow and low smoked pulled pork, smoked chorizo, served over sweet potato and cauliflower fried rice, finished with a sugar free BBQ sauce and accompanied with a side of avocado mayo coleslaw.