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Nicholas Hamad

I’ve been bodybuilding for 10 years now. I’ve been in personal training for 6 years now. I have a certification in NASM. Corrective exercise, hypertrophy training, strength training, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, online training, supplements, and nutrition. I’ve worked with clients as young as 15 years up to 80 years old. Worked with professional athletes, celebrities, and everyday joes. I’m extremely passionate for fitness and health it’s not just a job it’s a lifestyle. I’m always willing to help improve and make clients reach those goals. If they are willing to put in their best efforts.


Aaron Cassel

Hi Everyone. I want to give a quick personal background and express how I hope to impact the lives of healthcare workers, not only in Florida but right here in the SRQ. 


I grew up in Indiana where I played college football (2002-2004). I proudly joined the Marine Corps Infantry stationed in 29 Palms, Cal. I served four years with 3/7 WPNS and two combat deployments to Iraq (2004-2008). I took a position with the Department of State as a civilian Security Contractor in Baghdad (e.g. 13-Hours in Benghazi) (2008-2013), where I was able to travel all around the world. I completed my B.S. with a double major in Healthcare Administration and Nutrition and Dietetics while living in Denver, CO.

I started training other people in 2010 and have continued to help those who have reached out when they were ready for a change for the past 12 years. 

After transitioning to healthcare leadership in 2014, I have been managing Internal Medicine and Primary Care clinics for the past 8 years. Having the opportunity of being integrated with all healthcare professionals in both the clinical and administrative settings, I have created the Caloric Swing Method, helping over 100+ healthcare professionals and others shed 15-25 lbs in 90-Days without sacrificing favorite foods or wine night OR long hours in the gym!

My program is on my all-in-one smartphone APP, super user-friendly, and has 24/7 chat access directly to ME!. Follow my page, check out the transformations, and please feel free to tag any #healthcareprofessional who you know could use a little help.